Born in New York City…

Based in NYC, LI's North Fork & Southern California...
School of Visual Arts… circa 1970’s
Resides in several dwellings with crazy family of humans & exasperating poodles...

Works on paper… Watercolor, pen & ink and pencil....

Acrylic on canvas...

Thread and paint on fabric...
Three-dimensional paper designs...

Covered in the New York Times.
Exhibited in group shows in Miami and Southern California.
Work used as part of set design in major motion picture.
Trademarked as BBOF (Bitchin Babes Over Forty) for greeting card design.
Conceived an illustrated cartoon series which is currently being developed for publication and production.
Solo shows in Southern California & New York.

Animal Fair Magazine.

When I began the series Life Pales, I wanted to create a place where the detail of background is liberated, skewed and intensified by the simplicity of a human form. To deepen the contrast, I left the body intentionally undeveloped and vague. The figure provides an emotional escape from the control of its environment.

The series Unfinished Drinks represents a fun venture into the genre of (dis) still (ed) life.

The Bowhemians is a series inspired by my poodles which incorporates my love of fashion with the dry wit of NYC life with intellectual dogs.

Duck Tails (Harebrained Schemes) is a set of  paintings which were conceived to offer a wry twist of adult humor to the process of nursery/children's room decoration.

The Best Foot Forward set is a simplistic and fun view of my travels out west & on Route 66.

The Buddha/Diva drawings and paintings are a new exploration of color & festive forms from a meditative place.

The newest series Naked Obstructions demonstrates my struggle to move the spirit and body from the confinements of a life not chosen...but lived.

I have been greatly influenced in my general perception by the work of Edward Gorey. Matisse can be credited with my take of figure representation, and Escher and the deco period at large are responsible for my love of repetitive pattern.
Finally, but not the least in importance, Louise Bourgeois is my inspiration for continued search for and belief in the value of my work.

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